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i am filled with all kinds of bitterness
because i have awoken to the type of pain
that medication cannot quell
and the heavy exhaustion
that coffee cannot fix

i have awoken in the place
that you saved me from
too many times to count
on these torn up fingers

and it is sad because
in your eyes i saw nothing
and you did not ask
about these bruises

even though, long ago
you told me that you would help
and that we would be friends
and that i was going to be okay

you told me
you wouldn't let anyone hurt me

and yet in a month
i will go to school
and look at the boy who
gave me these bruises

and sometimes
i cannot help but wonder
what you would do
if you knew
because paper has more patience than people
- anne frank
Mai-Love Featured By Owner May 11, 2013   Artist
Sad poem. It makes me wonder as a reader if you are really in that situation and how I can help...or if you a writer putting yourself in a hypothetical situation to pose a situation, or speak a truth to make us think and open our minds....

Anyway nice poem.
rachel-rhapsody Featured By Owner May 12, 2013
I sometimes get into these situations, yes, but I am fine now.
Thank you for your concern though, it means alot :heart:
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